Tebogo Youth Entrepreneurship Camp

There are over 200 million youth aged between the ages 15-24 years in sub Saharan Africa and this figure is expected to double by 2045 according to the African Development Bank. Unfortunately, a large number of these youth are poor with 72% living on less than $2 a day. Given these statistics, the likelihood of youth with no work experience securing decent employment is slim highlighting the importance of youth entrepreneurship.

The aim of the Tebogo youth entrepreneurship camp is to encourage entrepreneurship, develop interest in business and self-employment and to improve sexual health and reproduction decisions. With the growing number of youth and the increasing rate of youth unemployment within Sub Saharan Africa, it becomes increasingly important for youth to find their own solutions to mitigate youth unemployment. This camp is designed in a manner to instil entrepreneurship as an avenue which youth ought to explore given the youth crisis. Furthermore, the camp allows for a youth networking platform with the purpose of igniting youth led solutions to national and global problems as well as connecting like-minded people.

The Grace Initiative

The aim of the Grace Initiative is to emphasize the importance of nurturing relationships between parents, youth and children as well as enhancing the communication between parents and children. Many youth have stated that their parents do not communicate and discuss sexual health and reproduction issues with them often leaving them to discover these at school or through friends. This project aims to provide a platform to help discuss subjects of societal taboo such as; drug and alcohol abuse, child and elder abuse, sexual violence, intergenerational relations, transactional relations, unwanted pregnancies and abortion.

Botshelo Leadership Camp (12-18 year olds)

The Botshelo Leadership Camp is a place for children to grow, connect and build friendships. It aims to enhance their self-confidence, public speaking and communication skills as well as to bring awareness to the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle. The camp focuses on:

  • Active/Healthy Living
  • Social/Emotional Health
  • Cultivating Positive Relationships
  • Cultural Awareness and Social Competence
  • Leadership Development

Parents are required to fill an indemnity form and will receive the camp programme once confirmed registration has been finalised.

To register for any of our camps, please register at with the camp name in the subject line. The camp dates will be posted on the calendar.