In order to improve organisational capacity, outcomes and performance, we offer training in the following:

Monitoring and Evaluation using the Results Based Management Approach

It is becoming increasingly important for funders of development interventions to know the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of projects and programmes given finite resources. Our Monitoring and Evaluation Training equips you with the tools to answer these questions as well as develop your own organisational M&E Frameworks. We also offer in-house training on request. Training dates are posted on the calendar on the website.

Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA)

This training is designed to explain what the Human Rights Based Approach is, what it entails and how to accommodate it in development interventions.

Business Development Workshops

We believe that prospective entrepreneurs cannot be equipped with the necessary skills, tools and mind set in a one week once off training workshop. This short time frame with no avenue to seek guidance and advice has shown to be ineffective in its impact. Our Business Development Workshops take place over a period of one year, building on one another where those with the best businesses, best pitch, best business marketing strategy and best financial management understanding will be given an opportunity to pitch to a panel of potential investors. These workshop manuals are in the process of being accredited by local relevant authorities.

Facilitation Skills Training

What is facilitation? How does one facilitate? Why is possessing training in facilitation important? What makes a good facilitator? This workshop is cognisant of the fact that many people will facilitate at some point in their lives be it in conflict resolution at the workplace, be it in mediation with staff, be it in a department training or even at schools. These are vital communication tools that help dissolve a difficult or emotional situation allowing for access to key information to make informed decisions and enable the dissemination of important information.

Training in Research

Evidence Based Management has become increasingly important in an age of constant change and finite resources. From new businesses to designing social development interventions, research is what informs the strategy used to present a case for funding. This training explains the various modes in which research can be conducted and provides tools through which research instruments can be designed.

Planning Workshop

The Planning Workshop explains the key aspects of a project management cycle for development interventions with a core focus on enhancing technical skills such as designing an intervention, identifying key activities, developing work plans, identifying key partners, approaching donors, proposal writing techniques and budgeting.

The training dates are posted on the calendar. Please register for any of the trainings at with the training name in the subject line.


We advocate for the inclusion of entrepreneurship as a subject to be taught in schools through various platforms and strategic partnerships. The logic driving this initiative is simple- in a growing environment of increasing youth unemployment and vulnerable employment, it becomes imperative for young children to develop an interest in business as well as to develop a perception of entrepreneurship as a means to a sustainable livelihood.


Our research focuses on a number of issues pertinent to youth such as; sexual health and reproduction, education, food security, employment/unemployment, and entrepreneurship. We also believe that youth do not live outside of the globalised world therefore we also conduct research in trade and development. Furthermore, we conduct market research for businesses.


We offer consulting services on a range of issues regarding project/programme design, planning and monitoring and evaluation. Our core focus areas are education, health, entrepreneurship, employment/unemployment and sustainable livelihoods (food security).