Founder and Managing Director

Sahar is a dynamic and passionate project manager, monitoring and evaluation specialist and researcher for projects and programmes across various sectors within Sub-Saharan Africa and the MENA region. She has always been at the forefront of finding ways to ensure social justice amongst youth.

Sahar has volunteered in areas of education and international development in order to improve the well-being of youth. She has four years of experience in monitoring and evaluation of international development projects, both domestically and internationally and is currently working with UNICEF to help roll out the “ALL IN HIV AIDS” initiative. She also has three years’ experience as a Project Coordinator across various organisations in South Africa, two years of experience as a sales and marketing manager for Angels Enterprises, a garment manufacturing company in Botswana, two years University level tutoring of Public Financial Management, South African Politics and Comparative Politics at the University of the Western Cape and one year experience as a Research Assistant at the University of the Western Cape. Additionally, Sahar has experience as Chair of the United Nations Association of South Africa-University of Western Cape Chapter.

She is also a double master’s graduate and has achieved Cum Laude in Public Administration. Sahar is also a published academic and has presented at the International Conference on Transforming and growing economies through Sustainable Business Innovation in Botswana.

Her interests include: The Corporate Sector, NGOs, NPOs, Think Tanks, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Industrial Affairs, Ministry of Education, Private Consultancy firms, Political Economy, Policy Analysis in Global Governance, Social development, Human Rights, Geo-political Studies, Peace and Security, Trade and Monitoring and Evaluation of projects.

Sahar will be pursuing a PhD with the aim of developing a youth entrepreneurship framework which she wishes to pilot through RADAF. The purpose of this framework is to accommodate youth in a constrained economic time as youth unemployment is at an all-time crisis.

Accounts Officer

Shabnam is currently pursuing her Honors degree in Taxation at the University of Cape Town and has received her Bachelor of Business Science Degree from the same university. She is head tutor for Business Strategy and has also tutored in Information systems at the same institution. Shabnam is also the ex-Secretary General of InvestSoc, a prestigious commerce affiliated student organisation at the University of Cape Town.

Having firm beliefs in the empowerment of women in the business world, Shabnam has been a mentor of the Young Women’s Professional which is associated with InvestSoc at the University of Cape Town. This project aims to strengthen the capabilities of young women in the corporate world. Shabnam was also a representative for the Botswana society at the International student’s sub-council at University of Cape Town. She has completed an internship at PriceWaterhouseCoopers as well, and has now joined our vibrant team.

Media and Marketing

Saba is currently a medical student by training at St. Georges University in Grenada. Saba has done extensive volunteer work at Princess Marina Hospital, the largest public teaching hospital in Botswana and has worked with the Botswana- UPenn Partnership at the aforementioned hospital. She aspires to assist the public health sector focusing on the epidemic of HIV/AIDS as well as preventable disease in rural and urban areas. She will be assisting in our projects highlighting the relationship between financial decision-making, and youth health and well-being. Saba is also an exceptional events coordinator as well as an expert with media and communications and creative design.